AGC2 Clippers

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  • Great for the toughest grooming jobs on dog or horse, the Andis ACG 2-Speed Clipper is powerful and designed for heavy duty use. The Andis ACG 2-Speed Clipper features two speeds (2,700 and 3,400 strokes per minute), is equipped with 4x4 blade drive, and has 25% more blade torque. The removable drive cap allows easy cleaning and the smaller ergonomic shape fits nicely in your hand. Complete with a locking blade hinge to keep the blade secure and a durable break-resistant housing material to resist harsh chemicals. Includes an UltraEdge #10 blade, 4 Oz. animal safe oil and an extra blade drive. Works with all UltraEdge CeramicEdge blades and Oster A-5 blades.

    • Powered & Designed for Heavy Duty Use
    • Two Speeds (2,700 & 3,400 Strokes Per Minute)
    • 4x4 Blade Drive
    • 25% More Blade Torque
    • Removable Drive Cap
    • Ergonomic Shape
    • Locking Blade Hinge
    • Break-Resistant Housing
    • Resists Harsh Chemicals
    • Includes UltraEdge #10 blade, 4 Oz. Animal Safe oil and an Extra Blade Drive

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