Lister Star Body Clipper

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Lister Laser Clipped is a heavy duty, high speed, 170 watt clipper, that has great versatility. If features the patented ventilated head which is interchangeable with sheep head. It will accept the Flat Head and Wizard Blades. The Laser is cool running in the toughest conditions. The unit comes equipped with the Fine Blade Set and durable storage case. Suitable for dogs, horses, goats, and cattle. The powerful Laser Clipper, combined with the famous Wizard Blade Set actually makes a great sheep head clipper that works great when used on llamas, alpacas, and sheep. This double insulated, full-width clipper with wrist strap is incredibly light. The advanced triangualted grip, utilized Lister's patented "ventilated head technology". Low noise and constant speeds, regardless of load are virtually guaranteed by the permanent magnet motor. Its replaceable filter gives efficient ventilation and cooling, and the enclosed gearbox ensures low maintenance longer life. Designed and manufactured in Britain. Key Feature: Lightweight clipper, Narrowow grip patented ventilated head, Built-in overload switch.

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