zS Flax buckeye

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Why Feed Clean Flax?

Lots of questions wondering why this oilseed is very beneficial.

✅. 24% protein,
✅. High in natural Lysine
✅. 42% on average oil content
✅. Natural Plant based source of Omegas 3 and 6 in a ratio which is ideal for equine
✅. 24% dietary fibre which boosts the immune system and helps regulate thyroid function.
✅. Reduces inflammation and has been linked to reducing sweet itch and other skin/hide issues.

The best part of choosing ZS Farms products is that they are clean.

What exactly does clean mean?

✅. Glyphosate residual free on every product
✅. Clean to seed specifications ( 10-18% is removed from the harvested bin run grain in order to get as pure of a product as possible )
✅. Consistency in every scoop
✅. Top quality that starts out as human grade ingredients

The best part is that we don’t have to use file photos for our posts.... it really is that clean!

From our field to your feed bucket.

No binders, no fillers, no screenings, no additives, just simple single feed ingredients.

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