Well it seems as though show season is upon us in full swing, as this is the first chance I have got to actually sit down and recap on the most amazing/whirlwind that was April! 

We have already attended a hand full of shows and clinics this year, with many more penned into our calendar! Our 2014 season saw us up and running as a new business, and now we are looking forward to travelling a little further and making more horsey friends this summer! Be on the lookout for us on the BC Coast and Alberta!

The first event for 2015 was the Fashion show for the #Vernon District Riding Club which showcased our #BRAND NEW line #Equiline. Equiline is a luxury brand from Italy which make THE most amazing competition shirts and jackets...actually the most amazing EVERYTHING! Seriously...you need to come check this stuff out. We had great models and volunteers who rocked the show!

From there we attended the #Anne Gribbons clinic, and percentage day at #Sun Meadows Equestrian Center, which proves always a fantastic time with the best hospitality! Homemade cakes, pastries and delicious food adorned the tables of the office and oh, not to mention the world class instruction that followed! We heart Sun Meadows!


Now, you wonder what could possibly out do a venue/hospitality that is Sun Meadows... and I have to say only one person could do that and it was #Charlotte Dujardin in #Vancouver!!

CHARLOTTE! DUJARDIN! in Vancouver! She really does exist! It was incredible to watch her teach and ride and to also to meet her. She was humble and funny yet down to business and made some remarkable changes to many horses. Hope she comes back!


Up next this weekend (May 18/19) is the Kelowna Riding Club Dressage Show where Le Tack Truck will be set up and also participating in another #Fashion show! Come by the club on Saturday evening and enjoy a parade of Equestrian fashion!

Hope to see you all there!