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Mad Barn’s bulk MSM powder is recommended to support joint health in horses. It is commonly used to improve comfort and mobility in aging horses as well as performance horses.


MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is a natural compound that contains sulfur in a highly bioavailable form. Sulfur is an important component of glucosamine and collagen, helping to maintain healthy connective tissue and cartilage in your horse.

Supplementing with MSM can promote strong joints, tendons, and ligaments in your horse. This supplement also has benefits for hoof, skin and coat health, circulation as well as the immune system and may support horses recovering from injury.

MSM is frequently taken with glucosamine to combat inflammation and improve arthritis pain and symptoms.

Research also shows that MSM has antioxidant properties and can improve recovery from heavy work. In one study of performance horses, it was shown to reduce biomarkers of oxidative stress following intense exercise.

Your horse’s diet may naturally provide small amounts of MSM because this compound is found in fresh forage and grains. However, the amounts that are naturally present in feed are generally too low to provide any benefits, making supplementation necessary.

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