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Mad Barn’s Visceral+ is a comprehensive nutritional solution for horses with Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS) and other forms of digestive upsets.

Visceral+ is formulated with the highest quality probiotic ingredients, earth-grown nutrients, minerals and amino acids that your horse needs to naturally support the body’s own healing mechanisms and restore the integrity of the stomach and intestinal lining.

Visceral+ was developed in conjunction with veterinarians tired of treating ulcers with GastroGard (omeprazole) or UlcerGard only to have horses relapse post-treatment. Visceral+ is clinically proven to heal stomach tissue, improve condition and health.

Visceral+ provides complete coverage from stomach to colon, stimulating healing of ulcers and preventing recurrence.


Incidence of gastric ulceration has been reported to exceed 95% in performance horses and a large proportion of pleasure horses have been found to have gastric ulcers.

Essentially any horse that undergoes stall confinement, has inconsistent access to feed, is fed grain, or is trailered is at risk of developing ulcers.

Visceral+ works in four key ways to restore balance to the digestive system:

  • Promotes Healing
    • A scientifically formulated combination of ingredients that stimulate healing of ulcers and prevent recurrence.
  • Provides Building Blocks
    • Not only does Visceral+ stimulate healing of the lining of the stomach, it also provides the nutrients needed to rebuild it.
  • Complete Protection
    • It is important to take care of gastric ulcers, but the stomach represents only 8% of the total digestive system. That leaves a lot of other area for something to go wrong. Visceral+ provides complete coverage from stomach to colon.
  • Supports the Immune System
    • Upwards of 70% of the immune system is driven by the gut and Visceral+ helps support immune function.

Don’t let ulcers affect your horse’s performance and well being. Get Visceral+!

  • To maintain stomach and hindgut health.
  • Supports the function of the immune system.
  • Product is competition safe.
  • In a convenient pelleted format that horses love.


Buffers and Omeprazole do exactly that – which is why there is almost 100% recurrence when treatment stops.

Go with the proven solution that works with the animal’s natural biology. Visceral+ works by:

  • Forming a physiochemical barrier to protect the stomach tissue
  • Enhancing mucin production, building a natural defensive layer within the gastrointestinal tract
  • Stimulating cell turnover to decrease healing time of ulcers
  • Providing building blocks for cellular regeneration
  • Decreasing inflammation and pain to support digestive comfort



Treating Ulcers in Horses with Visceral


The clinical study for Visceral+ was carried out by Halton Equine Veterinary Services. The initial premise of the trial was to develop a product that could stop the relapse of ulcers post GastroGard treatment.

Current prescription ulcer treatments generally work in the same manner, to suppress or buffer acid secretion in the stomach. This raises the pH of the stomach, allowing the tissue to heal. There are several issues with this approach:

  1. Not treating the cause.
  2. Very high relapse incidence post-treatment.
  3. Acid rebound.
  4. Digestive enzyme activation decreased. Possibility of more protein reaching the hindgut, resulting in unfavourable fermentation,
    leading to secondary hindgut dysfunction.
  5. Decreased protection from pathogens.

The premise behind Mad Barn’s Visceral+ was to develop a product that works with the body to naturally heal ulcers and provide ingredients to nourish the microbiome and decrease pathogen load.


Horses brought to the clinic to be scoped for gastric ulcers were enrolled in the study, with the owners consent, if they presented with obvious ulcers or hyperkeratosis. The horses were treated with GastroGard for 15–30 days. Visceral+ was added to the treatment one to two weeks prior to cessation of the GastroGard treatment and for another 30 days without GastroGard. All horses were re-scoped at the end of 60 days. All horses showed improvement to complete healing at the end of 60 days.

The initial reason for developing Visceral+ was to be used post GastroGard treatment, as the relapse incidence is almost 100% after cessation of treatment. We have subsequently found that Visceral+ can successfully treat ulcers without Omeprazole/GastroGard treatment.

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