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Style: 1”
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Horses are grazing animals, and by nature are designed to eat small amounts and be on the move 18-20 hours a day. Unlimited access to forage at all times is best, but most horses have lost the ability to maintain a healthy weight because they are often kept in small areas and don't move enough.

To live with us, horses must succumb to the unnatural effects of confinement and human imposed lifestyles. Horses are therefore dependant on their humans for their needs for both food and exercise.  In doing so, we have altered their natural rhythms.  Slow feeding with Handy Hay Nets can help restore these rhythms and allow horses to buffer stomach acid to prevent ulcers and provide a steady stream of energy (trickle feeding). This means you can ride, train or play at ANY time!

Trailer- fits approximately 1-2 flakes

 Medium- fits approximately 4-6 flakes

Large- fits approximately 8-10 flakes or a small bales (50 lbs)

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