Knaughty Net Trailer Heavy Duty 1.5''

Sale price$55.00


Fits 1-4 Flakes of hay.

2" Holes are great for bigger muzzles or for containment of your hay.


1.5" Holes to limit intake but still contain hay within the net, great for your average horse.
1" holes are great for trailering and to slow down intake even more.
Heavy Duty is the same great net just a heavier mesh, great for that horse who is a little "rougher" on things or who have figured out how to chew through other hay nets.
Fine for all size horses.


    When starting your horse out on Knaughty Nets make sure you offer them loose hay first along with hay in the net.  It will take them a few days to figure things out...we do not want the net to become a source of frustration.

    If your horse has shoes, net MUST be hung up at least chest high or in a feeder and secured so shoes do not get caught in the mesh.


    TIP:  To fill over garbage bin or muck bucket for easy filling.

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