Ogilvy Leather anti friction half pad

Colour: Black
Sale price$349.00


Anti friction and 1/4” closed cell foam

caramel colour

Introducing the new  Sleek Leather Jump Gummy Half Pad! This half pad is truly a remarkable product for both you and your horse. The leather is luxurious and finely detailed, but will readily hold up to the test of time. This half pad will keep its shape, padding, and beautiful appearance for many years of heavy use. You will be highly impressed with the soft, buttery feeling of the medium brown leather and the notable density of the memory foam.

The Ogilvy logo is lightly imprinted on the side of the half pad and a lovely silver button with Ogilvy's logo resides on the back portion of the pad as well. Black fleece adorns the inside of the leather half pad, and is extremely soft and thick. You will love the looks of this fantastic pad, previously only offered in fabric. Your horse will love the impact protection, silky underside, and thick memory foam padding!

This half pad features a medium brown leather body and binding (conveying a very classic, uniform appearance). 

The new Gummy half pad features all the characteristics of our famous Ogilvy Memory Foam Half Pad providing the same look, comfort and protection but with a thinner and denser memory foam.

A half pad unequalled in comparison, it combines the V-top shape and anti-friction materials. This memory foam acts as a buffer that fills any voids between the saddle and the horse, stabilizes the saddle, and provides shock-absorption for both horse and rider's backs. This half pad will have your saddle fitting perfectly on every horse, even with custom made saddles.

A Must Have for all disciplines where you need special impact protection for your horse such as: jumping, cross country or endurance.

A SECRET NO LONGER: as good for the rider’s back as for your horse’s back!

  • Maximum Breathability
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Superior Shock Absorption
  • No Rubbing
  • No Friction
  • Reduction of Pressure Points
  • Thermoregulation of the back muscles
  • V-Shape: special protection for the withers and the back
  • Useful for addressing smaller gaps between the saddle and the horse’s back
  • Quick Dry
  • Anti-Microbial and Anti-Fungal
  • Stain Resistant
  • Improved Saddle Fit


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